Reality Engine

In the beginning, there was Tempus, the god of time. There was also Chaos, the goddess of the cosmos. Together, they’ve created the universe. Tempus and Chaos had four children: Aquatar, the god of water; Iggy, the god of fire; Arial, the goddess of air; and Terra, the goddess of the land. The deities resided […]

Three Couples: Part 7

 It was the year, 2018. Sarah, Melody, Allison, and Allison’s new boyfriend, Ross, lived together in a rundown, two-bedroom apartment. Sarah was at home, cooking supper when Allison walked into the apartment. “Hey, is Ross home yet?” Allison asked. “Not yet,” Sarah said. “Shit, I was hoping to have supper with him before I go […]

Three Couples: Part 6

“I work two jobs!” Allison said. “And you spend all of your time writing your stupid stories. Get a real job!” “I have a real job and I write!” “Yeah, but you haven’t made any money from your stories and you never will.” Once Michael and Allison’s lease expired, they moved back in with their […]

Three Couples: Part 5

The next day, Steve told his parents that he’s moving out. “You’re not moving the fuck out!” Larry screamed, slamming his fists on the kitchen table. “You can’t afford it. Even if you could, you can’t cook, you can’t clean, you can’t do laundry, you can’t even bathe properly.” “This is why I’m moving out.” […]

Three Couples: Part 4

It was time for the prom. It started with the meet-and-greet between parents, teachers, and students.  “You’re gonna love my friends,” Michael said to Allison, as they walked into the Convention Center. “Hey, guys,” Michael said. “This is Allison. Allison, meet Melody, Sarah, Steve and Shelly. Shelly’s my sister.” Neither Sarah nor Allison could look […]

Three Couples: Part 3

That Friday, Michael went to the Convention Center, where Allison’s prom took place. A minute later, a girl with red hair snuck up from behind him. She wore a skimpy white dress with a white laced mask that covered most of her face. Michael wore a black tuxedo with a black mask that went over […]